25 Stunning Man Bun Hairstyle


Although the man bun began as a hairstyle mostly for hipsters, it has since grown into a mainstream look. Today, many gents from many different groups opt for to rock the style, which has become exceedingly popular. The man bun, which can only be achieved on medium or long hair lengths, is created by drawing the hair to the back or top of the head and securing it in a loop or coil.

There are many different man bun styles to choose from, including half-up man buns, man buns with beards and braided man buns. However, by far one of the most popular ways to wear a man bun is a man bun fade, where the bun is paired with shaved sides for a mix of classic and edgy.

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This man bun trend is either loved or hated with some people going around cutting off man buns). But despite all of the glamor surrounding it, the man bun has stayed around, and it doesn’t show any sign of going away anytime soon. With so many ways to grow, style and tie a short and long hair man bun, it’s important to see the coolest ways to rock a man bun hairstyle before choosing the best look for you. Here’s our guide on the different man bun styles.