25 Georgeus Claw Clip Hairstyle You Need to Try


When you are overwhelmed with a busy schedule and you find yourself running out the door more mornings than you can count, you need quick and easy hairstyles that will help you get where you need to go on time. Claw clip hairstyles are one of the quickest ways to look good without much time. A pulled back claw clip hairstyle will ensure you look professional. You’ll need a claw clip to help you achieve this look. Put your dry hair the way you like (to the centre or on the side) and grab your hair together at the back. Use the claw clip to keep your hair in place, and you have a stunning office appropriate look. Pull a few strands out on the sides and curl them away from your face with a curling wand to add a bit more elegants.

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There are several ways to incorporate the claw clip hairstyle trend into your look. Whether you are using them to keep your hair out of your face when you’re working, to add a pop or colour to a monochrome outfit, or to glam up your hair for a night out, claw clips don’t have to cost a fortune or require any heavy styling. Here are some easy ways to wear claw clips like a cool girl, without looking like you’re still in grade school.