25 Best Baby Bang Hairstyle Ready to Copy


Nothing can transform your look quite as quickly as short baby bangs. While traditionally bangs are worn long enough to hide your forehead and skim your eyebrows, baby bangs are a cropped version that helps to draw attention to your forehead and eyebrow area.

Short baby bangs look great on almost everyone, but there are still some specific face shapes and hair textures that don’t lend themselves well to the design . If you’re a lady with the triangular face shape, you would possibly want to steer faraway from too-short bangs, because they might make your forehead look too wide and therefore the mid-section of your face too narrow. Also, if you’re a woman with ultra-wavy or curly hair, you would possibly have difficulties maintaining a brief bangs look, because, at the slightest hint of humidity, the bangs will either protrude and lose their shape, or shrink up, up and away.

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‘Baby’ bangs are going to show your forehead and stop way above your eyebrows. You can combine it with longer layers framing your face. They’re also the right counterpart to any rainbow hair color you’ll think up . And while baby bangs require some maintenance (aka frequent trimmings either at the salon or at home), their edgy look is well well worth the time trade-off.