25 Best Casual Outfits For Summer


Longer days and warm weather means it’s time for another wardrobe challenge. If this is your first rodeo, let us share with you the tradition we partake in with our readers (you!) every season. In order to help you put together some new-season looks, we compile a month’s worth of outfits for you, with fresh ideas on how to incorporate the biggest trends into your closet, and elevate classic pieces.

Some warm-weather formulas, like a midi dress with white sneakers, can be easily re-created with staples you already own. But there are plenty more perfect outfit ideas worth shopping right now if you’re looking to step up your game and experiment with personal style.

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Thankfully, this season’s best trends are making it easier than ever to construct stylish yet effortless-looking outfits, all while allowing you to come up with new and exciting ways to style your basics. Of course, the thought of having to come up with yet more outfit ideas isn’t always appealing, but fear not. we’ve gathered a whole lot of inspiration straight from the feeds of some of our favorite Instagram stars. Here, take a look at the simple, perfect outfits we haven’t been able to stop thinking about over the past few weeks. Trust us when we say they’re all the inspiration you’ll need to live out the rest of your Summer in style.

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